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Observation of Reduced Three-Body Recombination in a Fermionized 1D Bose Gas



B L. Tolra, K M. O'Hara, J H. Huckans, William D. Phillips, S L. Rolston, James V. Porto


We investigate correlation properties of a one-dimensional interacting Bose gas by loading a mangnetically trapped 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensate into a deep two-dimensional optical lattice. We measure the three-body recombination rate for both the BEC in the magnetic trap and the BEC loaded into the optical lattice. The recombination rate coeffient is a factor of seven smaller in the lattice, which we interpret as a reduction in the local three-body correlation function in the 1D case. This is a signature of correlation intermediate between that of the uncorrelated phase coherent 1D mean-field regine and the strongly correlated Tonks-Girardeau regime.
Physical Review Letters


1D gas, BEC, optica lattice


Tolra, B. , O'Hara, K. , Huckans, J. , Phillips, W. , Rolston, S. and Porto, J. (2004), Observation of Reduced Three-Body Recombination in a Fermionized 1D Bose Gas, Physical Review Letters (Accessed November 30, 2023)
Created May 13, 2004, Updated October 12, 2021