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Observation of Polarization-Locked Vector Solitons in Optical Fiber



S T. Cundiff, B C. Collins, N N. Akhmediev, J M. Soto-Crespo, K Bergman, W H. Knox


We observe the formation of polarization-locked vector solitons in a modelocked fiber laser. Temporal vector solitons contain components along both principal axes of the birefringent laser cavity. The relative phase of the two components is locked to a value of π/2, despite the different phase velocities due to linear birefringence, resulting in a fixed elliptical polarization state. The value of π/2 and component magnitudes agree with a simple theoretical analysis of effect of the Kerr nonlinearity in the optical fiber. These fragile phase-locked vector solitons have been the subject of much theoretical conjecture, but have previously eluded experimental observation.


fibers, solitons


Cundiff, S. , Collins, B. , Akhmediev, N. , Soto-Crespo, J. , Bergman, K. and Knox, W. (2008), Observation of Polarization-Locked Vector Solitons in Optical Fiber, Science (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008