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The Nuts and Bolts and Results of Fluorine Bomb Calorimetry



P A. O'Hare


The technique of fluorine bomb calorimetry is outlined with special emphasis on the experimental methods, including the construction of the reaction vessel and manifold for operations with F2. A detailed description is included of a determination of the massic energy of reaction and calculation of the enthalpy of formation, δfH m(298.15K). Safety aspects of operations with F2 are outlined. An appendix lists values of δfH m(GeaXb), most of which were determined by fluorine bomb calorimetry, as well as the mean enthalpies of dissociation of bonds in those compounds. (Here, X denotes O, S, Se, or Te).
Conference Dates
July 14-24, 1998
Conference Location
Castelo Branco, 1, PO
Conference Title
NATO Advanced Study Institutes (ASI)


analytical characterization, bond enthalpies, calorimetry, construction of calorimeter, fluorine


O'Hare, P. (2008), The Nuts and Bolts and Results of Fluorine Bomb Calorimetry, NATO Advanced Study Institutes (ASI), Castelo Branco, 1, PO (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008