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Numerical Analysis of Doubly Rotated Cut SAW Devices



Dylan Williams, F Y. Cho


Results of a numerical study of the properties of surface acoustic waves (SAW) on doubly rotated cuts of alpha quartz are presented. First and second order TCF's have been calculated on a 10° x 10° x 10° grid spanning the range of angles (XY wlt) 0 to 3O°/-9O° to 90°/0 to 180°. The Finite Difference method was employed. SAW velocities were calculated at -50°C, 25°C, and 100°C. The corresponding frequencies were determined and curve fitted. Angular maps created from the database by these calculations were used to identify zero first and second order TCF surfaces. Families of cuts with zero first order TCF and small second order TCF's have been identified and further explored on smaller angular grids (as small as 1.0° x 1.0° x 1.0°). The results of Sinha and Tiersten's approach are correlated with the finite difference method and used to find cuts with zero first order TCF. Families of cuts on alpha quartz with SAW temperature stability superior to that found on ST cut Quartz are identified. Coupling coefficients, power flow angles, phase-temperature plots and other parameters are given for selected cuts.
Proceedings Title
Annual Symposium on Frequency Control, 34th
Conference Dates
May 28-30, 1980
Conference Location
Philadelphia, PA, US
Conference Title
34th Annual Symposium on Frequency Control. 1980


Acoustic devices, Acoustic waves, Delay effects, Finite difference methods, Frequency, Numerical analysis, Stability, Surface acoustic wave devices, Surface acoustic waves, Temperature dependence


Williams, D. and Cho, F. (1980), Numerical Analysis of Doubly Rotated Cut SAW Devices, Annual Symposium on Frequency Control, 34th, Philadelphia, PA, US, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created April 30, 1980, Updated April 12, 2022