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Nucleation and Polycrystalline Solidification in Binary Phase Field Theory



L Granasy, T Pusztai, T Borzsonyi, James A. Warren, B Kvamme, P F. James


We present a phase field theory for the nucleation and growth of one and two-phase crystals solidifying with different crystallographic orientations in binary alloys. The accuracy of the model is tested for crystal nucleation in single-component systems. it is shown that without adjustable parameters the height of nucleation barrier is predicted with a reasonable accuracy. The kinectics of primary soldification is investigated as a function of model parameters under equiaxial conditions. Finally, we study the formation of polycrystalline growth morphologies (disordered dendrites, spherulites, fractallike aggregates).
Physics and Chemistry of Glasses
No. 2


nucleation, phase field theory, soldification


Granasy, L. , Pusztai, T. , Borzsonyi, T. , Warren, J. , Kvamme, B. and James, P. (2004), Nucleation and Polycrystalline Solidification in Binary Phase Field Theory, Physics and Chemistry of Glasses (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created March 31, 2004, Updated October 12, 2021