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Nuclear Spin Incoherent Neutron Scattering from Quantum Well Resonators



Max Wolff, Anton Devishvili, Joseph A. Dura, Franz A. Adlmann, Brian Kitchen, Gunnar K. Palsson, Heikki Palonen, Brian B. Maranville, Charles F. Majkrzak, Boris P. Toperverg


We report the detection and quantification of nuclear spin incoherent scattering from hydrogen occupying interstitial sites in a thin film of vanadium. The neutron wave field is enhanced in a quantum resonator with magnetically switchable iron boundaries. This approach allows the control of the wave amplitude in the layer of interest. Our results provide a pathway for the study of dynamics at surface and in ultra thin films using inelastic and/or quasielastic neutron scattering methods.
Physical Review Letters


Incoherent scattering, Neutron reflectometry, Quasielastic scattering, standing wave, magnetic thin film
Created July 1, 2019, Updated February 27, 2020