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Nuclear magnetic resonance gyroscopes



Elizabeth A. Donley, John E. Kitching


This review begins with an introduction to NMR gyroscopes (NMRGs), followed by a discussion of the frequency shifts and relaxation mechanisms that determine and their performance. Specific NMRG implementations are then reviewed, including dual NMR species versions based on mercury and on noble gases and an approach based on an alkali-noble gas comagnetometer. Recent developments in miniaturization are also reviewed.
Optical Magnetometry
Publisher Info
Cambridge University Press, Canbridge, -1


Gyroscopes, NMR, Optical Pumping


Donley, E. and Kitching, J. (2013), Nuclear magnetic resonance gyroscopes, Cambridge University Press, Canbridge, -1 (Accessed December 10, 2023)
Created April 15, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017