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Novel Method for TEM Characterization of Deformation Under Nanoindents in Nanolayered Materials



D E. Kramer, M Savage, A Lin, Timothy J. Foecke


Measuring and understanding the mechanical properties of nanolayered composites has been a recent area of active investigation. These materials are of technological interest due to their enhanced hardness [1], tensile strength [2] and wear properties [3] as compared to the rule of mixtures values for their bulk phase counterparts. It has been found experimentally that the hardness and ultimate tensile strength of nanolayered structures increase with decreasing bilayer thickness, in a relation analogous to Hall-Petch behaviorm, down to some critical layer thickness. At smaller wavelengths, the hardness is seen to increase more rapidly, with Hall-Petch exponents on the order of unity or greater, to some peak stress value that is much greater than that attainable by traditiional microstrucutes. Further reduction in bilayer thickness result in no additional increase, or even a decrease, in strength.
Scripta Materialia
No. 6


dislocation, nanoindentation, nanolaminate, nanolayered, NbN, transmission electron microscopy, tunsten


Kramer, D. , Savage, M. , Lin, A. and Foecke, T. (2004), Novel Method for TEM Characterization of Deformation Under Nanoindents in Nanolayered Materials, Scripta Materialia (Accessed June 13, 2024)


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Created March 1, 2004, Updated February 17, 2017