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A Novel Low Loss and Lightweight Magnetic Material for Electrical Machinery



Michael J. Donahue, Farzad Ahmadi, Yilmaz Sozer, Igor Tsukerman


A new low loss and light weight core material, with applications in electrical machinery, is made of highly packed and insulated magnetic microwires (MWs). These MWs are aligned in such a way as to guide the flux in rotor/stator, with the ultimate goal of increasing efficiency and substantially reducing core losses. Commercial F ebal N i29 Co17 -based MWs with a 127 µm diameter and a 33 µm insulation coating are utilized. The magnetic measurements of the fabricated sample demonstrate high permeability and low core loss in a wide range of frequencies. To demonstrate the utility of this type of material, we used it in the rotor core of a prototype 25 W three-phase synchronous reluctance machine (SyncRM). The core is lighter, and the losses are significantly lower than in the conventional M19 core material under the same torque density.
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion


Low loss materials, Nanocrystalline microwires, Fe-based alloys, electrical machines, synchronous reluctance machines


Donahue, M. , Ahmadi, F. , Sozer, Y. and Tsukerman, I. (2020), A Novel Low Loss and Lightweight Magnetic Material for Electrical Machinery, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, [online], (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created February 10, 2020, Updated May 19, 2020