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Novel Fine-Membered Ring Intermediates in Gas Phase Reactions



R A. Loomis, S R. Leone, M K. Gilles


The review considers the role of closed-ring intermediates in chemistry, in general, and focuses on recent experimental and theoretical works that provide compelling evidence for a five-membered ring intermediate in the gas phase. The reactions of oxygen atoms with ethyl iodide and larger alkyl iodides produce HOI and a corresponding ethylenic compound via attack of the oxygen atom at the iodine and closure of the five-membered ring between the oxygen and a hydrogen on the beta-carbon. Detailed results are gathered from infrared chemiluminescence, molecular beam scattering, as well as new kinetics and product yield experiments. The theoretical calculations fully support and characterize the novel reaction mechanism.
Research on Chemical Intermediates
No. 7


five-membered ring, FTIR, HOI, infrared chemiluminescence, reaction dynamics, reaction mechanisms


Loomis, R. , Leone, S. and Gilles, M. (1998), Novel Fine-Membered Ring Intermediates in Gas Phase Reactions, Research on Chemical Intermediates (Accessed February 22, 2024)
Created June 30, 1998, Updated October 12, 2021