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Novel CaF2 Nanocomposite with High Strength and F Ion Release



Hockin D. Xu, Jennifer L. Moreau, Limin Sun, Laurence Chow


Secondary caries and restoration fracture remain the two most common problems. The objectives of this study were to develop stress-bearing, fluoride-releasing nanocomposites. Novel CaF2 nanoparticles (56-nm) were synthesized via spray-drying and incorporated into resin with glass co-fillers. F-release increased with increasing nano-CaF2 content, or with decreasing pH (p<0.05). F-release rates at 70-84 days were 1.13 g/(cm2 day) and 0.50 g/(cm2 day) for nanocomposite containing 30% and 20% nano-CaF2, respectively. They matched the 0.65 g/(cm2 day) of a commercial resin-modified glass ionomer (p>0.1). Nanocomposites had flexural strengths of 70-120MPa, after 84-day immersion at pH4, pH5.5, and pH7. These strengths were 3-5 fold that of resin-modified glass ionomer, and matched/exceeded a commercial composite with little F-release. In summary, novel nano-CaF2 with high surface area produced high F-release at low filler-levels, thereby making room in resin for reinforcement glass. This yielded nanocomposites with high F-release and stress-bearing properties, which may help reduce secondary-caries and restoration fracture.
Journal of Dental Research


Dental nanocomposite, CaF2 Nanoparticles, Fluoride Release, Stress-bearing, Tooth Caries.


Xu, H. , Moreau, J. , Sun, L. and Chow, L. (2010), Novel CaF2 Nanocomposite with High Strength and F Ion Release, Journal of Dental Research, [online], (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created May 2, 2010, Updated October 12, 2021