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North American Standards and Specifications for Portland Cement



J H. Pielert, G J. Frohnsdorff


The earliest work in the United States on the development of portland cement standards was conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers in the late 1800s. ASTM and the Federal government joined the effort in the early 1900s and ASTM C9 American Specification and Methods of Test for Portland Cement was published in 1916. Portland cement standards have evolved over the years. This paper gives background information on the development of standards for the chemical and physical characteristics of portland cement, the current status of ASTM and AASHTO standards, the status of portland cement standards currently used in Canada and Mexico, the development of performance standards for portland cement, and current research on the performance of portland cements.
Innovations in Portland Cement Manufacture


laboratory, portland cement, standards, testing


Pielert, J. and Frohnsdorff, G. (2017), North American Standards and Specifications for Portland Cement, Innovations in Portland Cement Manufacture (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017