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Nonlinear Ultrasonic Assessment of Precipitation Hardening in ASTM A710 Steel



Donna C. Hurley, Davor Balzar, P T. Purtscher


We investigated several specimens of ASTM A710 steel containing copper-rich precipitates with variations in the final aging treatment. X-ray diffraction line-broadening and small-angle neutron-scattering experiments revealed the existence of the precipitates and associated coherency strain. We determined the nonlinear ultrasonic parameter Β for each specimen by harmonic-generation experiments and measured the ultrasonic longitudinal velocity ŅL and attenuation αL. Although νL and αL showed no consistent trends, β increased with increasing strain. This correlation is compared to a microstructural model for harmonic generation that includes a contribution from precipitate-pinned dislocations.
Journal of Materials Research
No. 9


nonlinear acoustics, precipitation hardening, steel, ultrasonic properties


Hurley, D. , Balzar, D. and Purtscher, P. (2000), Nonlinear Ultrasonic Assessment of Precipitation Hardening in ASTM A710 Steel, Journal of Materials Research (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created September 1, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017