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Nonlinear SAW Propagation in Thin-Film Systems With Residual Stress



R E. Kumon


The propagation of small- and finite-amplitude surface acoustic waves (SAWS) in stressed thin-film systems is modeled. Results are presented for an initially monofrequency, plane wave traveling in the <100> direction of systems composed of either Ge (loading) or diamond (stiffening) epitaxial films under compressive stress on an unstressed (001) Si substrate. Cases are considered for both thinner and thicker films in terms of their dispersion-to-nonlinearity ratios. Comparison between unstressed and stressed films indicates that larger effects occur at longer propagation distances and for higher harmonics.
Ultrasonics Symposium


acoustoelasticity, anisotropy, dispersion, nonlinear, surface acoustic wave, thin film


Kumon, R. (2008), Nonlinear SAW Propagation in Thin-Film Systems With Residual Stress, Ultrasonics Symposium (Accessed February 22, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008