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Nondestructive Permittivity and Loss Tangent Measurements Using a Split-Cylinder Resonator



Michael D. Janezic, Edward Kuester, James R. Baker-Jarvis


In this paper we present a new theoretical model, based on the mode-matching method, for making nondestructive permittivity and loss tangent measurements using the split-cylinder resonator. This new model properly takes into account the fringing electric and magnetic fields, thereby improving the measurement accuracy of the technique. in order to verify the new split-cylinder model, we present permittivity and loss tangent measurement results for several dielectric substrates and show good agreement with measurements made in a conventional cylindrical cavity.
Conference Dates
August 17-24, 2002
Conference Location
Maastricht, 1, NL
Conference Title
2002 URSI General Assembly


dielectric constant, loss tangent, permittivity, resonator, split-cylinder


Janezic, M. , Kuester, E. and Baker-Jarvis, J. (2002), Nondestructive Permittivity and Loss Tangent Measurements Using a Split-Cylinder Resonator, 2002 URSI General Assembly, Maastricht, 1, NL (Accessed September 21, 2023)
Created August 16, 2002, Updated October 12, 2021