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Non-Contact Temperature Measurements of Micro-Scale Phenomena



Howard W. Yoon


Imaging trying to make temprature measurements in a spatial region equal to the edge of a printer paper or within the diameter of a strand of hair. The accurate computer modeling of the machining process requires measurements of the thermodynamic temperatures of the tool-chip interface with spatial resolution of few micro}m and time resolution ranging from steady-state measurements fo continuous processes to fast (micro}s) measurements of chaotic or random processes. Similar requirements exist in optimization of micro-heater arrays in combinatorial chemistry and in the diagnostics of heat-related failures in integrated circuit devices. The impact of successful micro-scale thermodynamic temperature measurements in these applications could be wide-ranging with new applications found for the micro-heater plates to substantial savings in manufacturing costs resulting from accurate models of the tool-chip interface.
Non-Contact Temperature Measurements of Micro-Scale Phenomena


machining process modeling, micro-heater arrays, non-contact temperature measurements, thermodynamic temperature measurements, tool-chip interface


Yoon, H. (2008), Non-Contact Temperature Measurements of Micro-Scale Phenomena, Non-Contact Temperature Measurements of Micro-Scale Phenomena (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008