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Noise Refocusing in a Five-blade Neutron Interferometer



Michael G. Huber, Muhammad D. Arif, Dimitry A. Pushin, David G. Cory, Dusan Sarenac, Joachim Nsofini, Kamyar Ghofrani


We provide a quantum information description of a proposed five-blade neutron interferometer geometry and show that it is robust against low-frequency mechanical vibrations and dephasing due to the dynamical phase. The extent to which the dynamical phase affects the contrast in a neutron interferometer is experimentally shown. In our model, we consider the coherent evolution of a neutron wavepacket in an interferometer crystal blade and simulate the effect of mechanical vibrations and momentum spread of the neutron through the interferometer. The standard three-blade neutron interferometer is shown to be immune to dynamical phase noise but prone to noise from mechanical vibrations, and the decoherence free subspace four-blade neutron interferometer is shown to be immune to mechanical vibration noise but prone to noise from the dynamical phase. Here, we propose a five-blade neutron interferometer and show that it is immune to both low-frequency mechanical vibration noise and dynamical phase noise.
Journal of Applied Physics


atomic, molecular, Nuclear physics, Quantum information science


Huber, M. , Arif, M. , Pushin, D. , Cory, D. , Sarenac, D. , Nsofini, J. and Ghofrani, K. (2017), Noise Refocusing in a Five-blade Neutron Interferometer, Journal of Applied Physics, [online],, (Accessed July 24, 2024)


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Created August 1, 2017, Updated May 3, 2021