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Noble-Metal-Free Ni-W-O-Derived Catalysts for High-Capacity Hydrogen Production from Hydrazine Monohydrate



Qing Shi, Deng-Xue Zhang, Hui Yin, Yu-Ping Qiu, Liang-Liang Zhou, Chen Chen, Hui Wu, Ping Wang


Development of high-performance and cost-effective catalysts is pivotal to render hydrazine monohydrate (N2H4.H2O) viable as a hydrogen carrier. Herein, we report a detailed study on development of noble-metal-free Ni–W–O derived nanocomposite catalysts. Interestingly, the thus-prepared Ni-based catalysts exhibit remarkably distinct catalytic properties towards N2H4.H2O decomposition depending upon the annealing temperature. From a systematic phase/microstructure/chemical state characterization and the first-principles calculations we found that the variation of the apparent catalytic properties of these Ni-based catalysts should stem from the formation of different Ni-W alloys with distinct intrinsic activity, selectivity and distribution state. The thereby chosen Ni-W alloy nanocomposite catalyst prepared under an optimized condition showed high activity, nearly 100% selectivity and excellent stability towards N2H4.H2O decomposition for hydrogen production. Significantly, this noble-metal-free catalyst enables rapid hydrogen production from commercially available N2H4.H2O solution with a material-based hydrogen capacity as high as 6.28 mass fraction of% and satisfactory dynamic response property.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering


noble-metal free catalyst, hydrazine monohydrate decomposition, hydrogen production


Shi, Q. , Zhang, D. , Yin, H. , Qiu, Y. , Zhou, L. , Chen, C. , Wu, H. and Wang, P. (2020), Noble-Metal-Free Ni-W-O-Derived Catalysts for High-Capacity Hydrogen Production from Hydrazine Monohydrate, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, [online], (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created April 12, 2020, Updated October 12, 2021