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NIST Timeline



L A. Greenhouse, J V. Norris, Paula J. Deutsch


The NIST Timeline builds upon three volumes of history: Measures for Progress: A History of the National Bureau of Standards, by Rexmond Cochrane; A Unique Institution: The National Bureau of Standards 1950 - 1969, by Elio Passaglia; and Responding to National Needs: the National Bureau of Standards Becomes the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 1969-1993, by James Schooley. These three history volumes together capture a representative sample of NIST's work from the Institute's inception in 1901 through 1993. In the Foreword to the most recent volume, Responding to National Needs, Dr. Norman F. Ramsey writes, This book records the rich recent history of NIST and illustrates its many contributions to knowledge, technology, and society.The NIST Timeline is a tracking system that in its first incarnation presents NIST's breadth of work from 1994 (the first year not covered by a history volume) through the NIST Centennial year in 2001.The timeline is not meant to replace the NIST History series. It does, however, serve as a powerful tool for those interested in researching historical NIST accomplishments. When the time comes for another History Series installment, this tracking system/exhibit will provide a powerful resource for the volume's author. It is important to note that, similar to the previous history volumes, this timeline does not (and cannot) display the full body of NIST's work. Instead it seeks to illustrate a representative sample of NIST projects, accomplishments, and events during the time period covered.
NIST Timeline


history, history of NIST, measurement, National Bureau of Standards, National Institute of Standards and Tech, NBS, NIST, science and technology


Greenhouse, L. , Norris, J. and Deutsch, P. (2008), NIST Timeline, NIST Timeline (Accessed February 23, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008