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NIST Special Publication 2100-03: Proceedings of the International Conference on Atom-Probe Tomography and Microscopy (APT&M 2018)



Keith Knipling, Frederick Meisenkothen, Eric B. Steel


The biennial International Field Emission Symposium (IFES), recently renamed Atom Probe Tomography and Microscopy (APT&M), has been in existence since 1952. The 6-day meeting is the premier international gathering of 200+ interdisciplinary researchers, in the fields of high field nanoscience and atom probe microscopy. It was at the 14th Field Emission Symposium (1967), held at the National Bureau of Standards, in the Green Auditorium, that Erwin W. Müller and John A. Panitz first introduced the atom probe field ion microscope. Now, a half-century later, APT&M returns to the NIST-Gaithersburg campus.
Special Publication (NIST SP) - 2100-03
Report Number


atom probe, atom probe tomography, field ion microscopy, nanoscience, field emission microscopy, field emission
Created December 23, 2019