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NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Test Tools



Dhananjay Anand, Kevin G. Brady, Yuyin Song, Cuong T. Nguyen, Kang B. Lee, Gerald J. FitzPatrick, Allen R. Goldstein, YaShian Li-Baboud


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), participated in the Universal Communication Architecture International User Group (UCAIug) Interoperability (IOP) Test Event on October 14-19, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The objective of the event was to bring the multitude of current substation equipment implementations based upon the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61850 standard for substation communications capabilities to determine if the equipment can interoperate and perform cooperatively in a myriad of substation topology configurations to meet standards and industry requirements.
Special Publication (NIST SP) - 1900-801
Report Number


IEC 61850, timing, substation communications, interoperability, GPS signal emulation
Created February 8, 2019