NIST Recommended Practice Guide: Fractography of Ceramics and Glasses

Published: September 26, 2006


George D. Quinn


Fractography is a powerful but underutilized tool for the analysis of fractured glasses and ceramics. Fractography can identify the cause of failure and can even provide quantitative information about the loading conditions. The goal of this Guide is to make fractographic analysis less an art and more an engineering practice for scientists and engineers. This guide emphasizes practical approach for problem solving and failure analyses. Fractographic analysis is to a large degree pattern recognition. This Guide includes a wealth of illustrations to aid fractographers in pattern recognition. The guide also includes an extensive bibliography and a tabulation of published case studies so that the reader can pursue topics of specific concern.
Citation: Special Publication (NIST SP) - 960-16
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ceramics, failure analysis, flaws, fractography, fracture surface, glasses
Created September 26, 2006, Updated November 10, 2018