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NIST Media Forensic Challenge (MFC) Evaluation 2020 - 4th Year DARPA MediFor PI meeting



Jonathan G. Fiscus, Haiying Guan, Yooyoung Lee, Amy N. Yates, Andrew P. Delgado, Daniel F. Zhou, Timothée N. Kheyrkhah, Xiongnan Jin


The presentation slides summarize NIST Media Forensic Challenge (MFC) Evaluation, and present MFC20 evaluation reports in DARPA MediFor PI meeting. The slides contains five parts: Overview, Image Tasks, Video Tasks, Camera ID Verification Tasks, Provenance Tasks and Event Task. HSPO # ITL -0018


Media Forensic NIST Media Forensic Challenge (MFC) Evaluation, MFC20 Evaluation, MediFor Project, Image Manipulation Detection, Video Manipulation Detection, Camera ID Verification, Event Verification
Created July 15, 2020, Updated July 14, 2020