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The NIST Industrial Thermometer Calibration Laboratory



C D. Vaughn, Gregory F. Strouse


The NIST Industrial Thermometer Calibration (ITC) Laboratory provides calibrations of industrial thermometers over the range from 196 C to 550 C. The different types of thermometers include liquid-in-glass (LiG), thermistors, thermocouples (
Proceedings Title
International Symposium on Temperature and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science | 8th | | VDE
Conference Dates
June 1, 2001
Conference Location
Berlin, GE
Conference Title


Digitals, Industrial Thermometers, ITS-90, Liquid-in-glass, Resistance Thermometers, Thermistors, Thermocouples, Thermometer Calibrations, Thermometry
Created June 1, 2001, Updated February 17, 2017