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NIST Hearing Aid Test Procedures and Test Data



Randall P. Wagner, E D. Burnett


A description is given of the hearing aid testing done for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Emphasis is given to the determination of the insertion frequency response using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) techniques, but the other measurements entailed are delineated. These include the measurement of saturation and sound pressure level, telephone coil sensitivity, total harmonic distortion, equivalent input noise level, and battery drain. The data resulting from these tests are included.
Handbook of Hearing Aid Measurement 1994 -Stock Hearing Aids
Publisher Info
Department of Veterans Affair, Washington,, DC


Directivity, ear simulator, equivalent input noise level, FFT Analysis, frequency response, Hearing Aids, Hearing aid testing, insertion response, total harmonic distortion.


Wagner, R. and D., E. (1994), NIST Hearing Aid Test Procedures and Test Data, Department of Veterans Affair, Washington,, DC (Accessed May 31, 2023)
Created March 1, 1994, Updated February 19, 2017