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NIST Handbook 130 (2015) - Uniform Laws and Regulations in the Areas of Legal Metrology and Engine Fuel Quality



Linda D. Crown, David A. Sefcik, Lisa Warfield


This handbook compiles uniform laws and regulations developed by the Committee on Laws and Regulations of the National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM). This edition contains amendments adopted by the NCWM at its Annual Meeting in 2014. It includes new/amended regulations for Uniform Weights and Measures definition of terms, Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities for Oil, Tank Trucks or Rail Cars, and Retail Sales of Electricity Sold as a Vehicle Fuel; Uniform Engine Fuels and Automotive Lubricants for Oil, Tank Trucks or Rail Cars and documentation.
Handbook (NIST HB) - 130
Report Number


method of sale, packaging and labeling, petroleum engine fuels, standards, weights and measures
Created November 10, 2014, Updated November 10, 2018