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NIST Conference Papers: Fiscal Year 2016



Andrea M. Medina-Smith, Kathryn M. Miller, Karen J. Wick


NIST is committed to the idea that results of federally funded research are a valuable national resource and a strategic asset. To the extent feasible and consistent with law, agency mission, resource constraints, and U.S. national, homeland, and economic security, NIST will promote the deposit of scientific data arising from unclassified research and programs, funded wholly or in part by NIST, except for Standard Reference Data, free of charge in publicly accessible databases. Subject to the same conditions and constraints listed above, NIST also intends to make freely available to the public, in publicly accessible repositories, all peer-reviewed scholarly publications arising from unclassified research and programs funded wholly or in part by NIST. This Special Publication represents the work of NIST researchers at professional conferences in Fiscal Year 2016. More information on public access to NIST research is available at
Special Publication (NIST SP) - 1232
Report Number


NIST research, public access to NIST research, NIST conference papers
Created October 30, 2018, Updated January 27, 2020