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The NIST Calibration Services Virtual Library



Sally S. Bruce, W Trefzger


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) offers a variety of hundreds of calibration services to its customers as a part of its core mission. Divisions within several NIST Measurement and Standards Laboratories provide these services. Many current and potential customers want to know the technical details of how NIST performs the measurements. Most NIST calibration services are described in official NIST publications as part of the NIST Special Publications Series SP 250. These documents are available so customers can understand and evaluate the services.In order to provide our customers with convenient access to the NIST calibration service publications, the NIST Office of Information Services (OIS) and the NIST Calibration Program have placed electronic verisons of the documents into an online library accessible through the World Wide Web. This library is incorporated into the NIST Calibration Program Web site.The Calibration Services Virtual Library (CSVL) gives users the capability to browse and search the publications and to access bibliographic information about them. Currently, a subset of the publications are in electronic formats and available for viewing and download from the Web site ( paper describes features of the Calibration Services Virtual Library and an overview of its development.
National Conference of Standards Laboratories


calibration, calibration services, Calibration Services Virtual Library, CSVL, measurement, measurement standards, NIST, standards


Bruce, S. and Trefzger, W. (1999), The NIST Calibration Services Virtual Library, National Conference of Standards Laboratories (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created July 11, 1999, Updated June 27, 2017