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NIST Atomic Spectra Database (1998)



Yuri Ralchenko


We put Version 1 of this database online as an interactive Web server in 1995. Our first version has data on atomic energy levels for some 500 spectra, transition probability data for spectra of the iron-group elements, and wavelength data for spectra of a few elements; it includes no data for many important spectra, however. Pending new critical compilations of the most need data, we are extending the database by editing and adding data from earlier NIST compilations, non-NIST compilations, and selected recent publications or unpublished material. The expanded database (Version 2) will include notably improved coverage of the first 20 elements and will also have improved versatility in both the selection and presentation of the data. Options for spectral-line data will display any desired combination of data types, including all wavelength data integrated with all transition probability data. The new version will also be available on floppy disks with a windows interface.
NIST Atomic Spectra Database


atomic data, atomic energy levels, atomic ions, atomic spectra, atomic transition probabilities, atomic wavelengths, energy-level classifications


Ralchenko, Y. (1998), NIST Atomic Spectra Database (1998), NIST Atomic Spectra Database (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created August 1, 1998, Updated January 29, 2018