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NIST 42. NIST Surface Structure Database, Version 3.0


J R. Rumble


The Surface Structure Database (SSD) is the only complete critical compilation of reliable crystallographic information now available on surfaces and interfaces. SSD brings instant access to detailed text and graphical displays of nearly 1000 experimentally-determined atomic-scale structural analyses. Using the powerful, yet easy-to-use capabilities of SSD, scientists in physics, chemistry, and materials science can quickly and easily find the answer to such questions as: what adatom structures on compound semiconductors have been solved; what are the coordinates of the atoms at the CoSi2/Si interface; how many studies on Ag surfaces have appeared since 1980; do C-C bond lengths vary in adsorbed hydrocarbons; how do different surfaces of Si reconstruct; has the Al/GaAs (110) system been studied with LEED.Version 3.0 Improvements: all-new Windows 95/98/NT software; enhanced data searches, graphical visualization and analysis; compare up to 3 structures side-by-side; over 1100 structure determinations published through 1997.
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adsorption, atomic coordinates, catalysts, chemical structure, crystal structure, crystallography, surface, surface analyses, surface chemistry
Created August 26, 2016, Updated February 17, 2017