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NIST 40. NDRL/NIST Solution Kinetics Database: Version 3.0



J R. Rumble


The NDRL/NIST Solution Kinetics Database includes chemical kinetic data for free radical processes involving primary radicals from water, inorganic radicals (including transients from metal ions and metal complexes) and carbon-centered radicals in solution (mainly aqueous) and singlet oxygen and organic peroxyl radicals in various solvents. Reactions of OH, O3, ClO2, HO2/O2- , NOx, SOx- and many other species are included. Data from the literature through the end of 1994 have been compiled and evaluated at the Radiation Chemistry Data Center (Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory); recommended values of rate constants are designated for certain reactions. The database programs use the same sophisticated software as the widely-used database for gas-phase reactions -The NIST Chemical Kinetics Database. The database allows the user to quickly find previously determined rate constants, and to add data or append notes on specific reactions.
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aqueous solution, chemical reaction, free radical, kinetics, radiation effects, rate constants, reaction rate, solutions, water


Rumble, J. (2008), NIST 40. NDRL/NIST Solution Kinetics Database: Version 3.0, World Wide Web-Internet and Web Information Systems (Accessed May 29, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008