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NIST 16A. NACE/NIST Corrosion Performance Databases - Metals



C P. Sturrock


COR SUR for Windows is a complete revision of the COR SUR and COR SUR2 (DOS) programs and theircompanion volumes, Corrosion Data Survey, Metals and Nonmetals Sections. Necessary corrections andadditions have been made after a thorough appraisal by the editors and selected reviewers.When a specific chemical environment and metal combination is entered, as well as the chosen data format, the user is first presented with a brief description of the chemical, with any relevant ancillary information. If the user should select a hazardous combination of metal and environment or a chemical in which ingress of air or oxygenmay be controlling, the hazard information is automatically displayed before the corrosion data are accessible. This is a necessary precaution against an inexperienced user choosing a combination which might be dangerous to personnel or equipment. The user is then presented with the data in either conventional tabular or graphic form.
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chemicals, corrosion, corrosion data, corrosion rate, environment, materials, materials databases, metallic corrosion, metals


Sturrock, C. (2008), NIST 16A. NACE/NIST Corrosion Performance Databases - Metals, World Wide Web-Internet and Web Information Systems (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008