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The Next-Generation Firefighter: The Evolution of Technology



Kayla A. Berger, Jacob R. Crouse, Jaden K. Pieper


In 2013, United States fire departments responded to around 1 240 000 Fires, accounting for 106 firefighter deaths [9][7]. These fires also resulted in 3,240 civilian deaths and an estimated $11.5 billion in property damage. When responding to fires, firefighters must be aware of their surroundings, informed on the situation they are responding to, and able to communicate effectively and efficiently with each other. Achieving those goals improves firefighter safety and ability to save civilian lives and minimizes cost due to property damage. This report discusses how using off-the-shelf consumer products, one can begin to visualize the next-generation firefighter, who is connected, protected, and fully aware by identifying the gaps between today's commercial technologies and the needs of the next- generation firefighter. Research is needed to expand capabilities in these areas.
Public Safety Communications Research


Created October 14, 2016, Updated January 27, 2020