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New Primary Standard for Specular Gloss Measurements



Maria E. Nadal, E A. Thompson


The measurement of specular gloss consists in comparing the luminous reflectance from a specimen to that from a calibrated gloss standard, under the same geometric conditions. The standard recommendations for the gloss standard are discussed. A new primary gloss standard is developed at NIST and different calibration procedures are compared. This new standard is compared to the commonly used gloss standard, a highly polished black glass.
JCT, Journal of Coatings Technology
No. 911


gloss standard, glossmeter, goniphotometer, specular gloss


Nadal, M. and Thompson, E. (2000), New Primary Standard for Specular Gloss Measurements, JCT, Journal of Coatings Technology (Accessed October 1, 2023)
Created December 1, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017