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A New Broadband RF Field Standard Using a Coaxial Transmission Line of Conical Geometry: Progress Report



Claude Weil, David R. Novotny, Robert T. Johnk, Arthur Ondrejka


We discuss progress in developing a new broadband (10MHz to 40MHz) RF field standard to be used for calibrating small electromagnetic field probes. The technique generates a well-defined and uniform TEM mode field between the conductors of an air-filled coaxial transmission line of conical geometry (termed a "co-conical" line) that is terminated in a well-matched, high-power, distributed load. We show that generation of higher-order mode fields will be minimal due to the line's circular and symmetrical cross-section. Internal field levels equivalent to power density levels in excess of 10mW/cm2 can be generated using broadband power sources of only 20 watts output. The new system will be capable of rapid, automated and accurate calibration of small field probes and can realize significant savings in both equipment/facility expenses and operational costs.
Conference Dates
October 21-26, 2001
Conference Location
Denver, CO, USA
Conference Title
Antenna Measurement Techniques Association


broadband, calibration, field standard, field probes, radio-frequency, transmission line


Weil, C. , Novotny, D. , Johnk, R. and Ondrejka, A. (2001), A New Broadband RF Field Standard Using a Coaxial Transmission Line of Conical Geometry: Progress Report, Antenna Measurement Techniques Association, Denver, CO, USA (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created October 1, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021