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Neutron Images of the Through-Plane Water Distribution of an Operating PEM Fuel Cell



Daniel S. Hussey, David L. Jacobson, Muhammad Arif, Jon P. Owejan, Jeffrey J. Gagliardo, T Trabold


Neutron imaging has proven an invaluable tool for water metrology in operating proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Due to limitations in scintillator-based detector resolution, neutron imaging has been applied only to assessing the in-plane water distribution, without being able to distinguish water in the anode from the cathode. A new detector technology, based on micro-channel plates, enables a near order of magnitude improvement to the image resolution. This new detector technology will enable direct measurement of the through-plane water distribution in the gas diffusion layer, and enable the determination of the relative water content on the anode and cathode sides of proton exchange membrane fuel cell. We report on the initial measurements with this new detector and discuss future measurement possibilities.
Journal of Power Sources


gas diffusion layer, neutron imaging, proton exchange membrane fuel cell, through-plane water distribution


Hussey, D. , Jacobson, D. , Arif, M. , Owejan, J. , Gagliardo, J. and Trabold, T. (2007), Neutron Images of the Through-Plane Water Distribution of an Operating PEM Fuel Cell, Journal of Power Sources, [online], (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created July 27, 2007, Updated February 19, 2017