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Neutron Activation Analysis: A Primary Method of Measurement



Robert R. Greenberg, Bode Peter, Fernandes Elisabete


Neutron activation analysis (NAA), based on the comparator method, has the potentials fulfilling the requirements of a primary ratio method as defined in 1998 by the CCQM of the BIPM. This thesis is evidenced in this paper in three Chapters by demonstration that the method is fully physically and chemically understood, that a measurement nist-equation can be written down in which the values of all parameters have dimensions in S.I. units and thus having the potential for traceability to these units, that all contributions to uncertainty of measurement can be quantitatively evaluated, underpinning the traceability and that the performance of NAA in CCQM key-comparisons of trace elements in complex matrices between 2000 and 2007 is similar to the performance of IDMS, formerly recognized by the CCQM as a primary ratio method.
Spectrochimica ACTA


NAA, Metrology, Uncertainty Budget, Neutron Activation Analysis, Primary Method of Measurement, CCQM
Created January 27, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017