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Nestor: A Tool for Natural Language Annotation of Short Texts



Thurston B. Sexton, Michael P. Brundage


Nestor is a software tool that annotates natural language CSV (comma-separated variable) files, with a UTF-8 encoding, using a process called tagging [1]. The outputted annotated datasets (as either a CSV or .h5 file) can be used for different analysis techniques, such as failure prediction, problem hot spot identification, and maintenance technician expertise assessment, as shown in [2-7]. Currently, the majority of use cases involve maintenance in the engineering domain (manufacturing, mining, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)), however Nestor can input any natural language CSV file with UTF-8 encoding. The objective is to help analysts make their natural language data, which is often unstructured, filled with technical content, jargon, mispellings, and abbreviations, computable to improve analysis.
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology


manufacturing, natural language processing, maintenance, software, nestor
Created November 1, 2019, Updated January 7, 2020