Near-infrared single-photon spectroscopy of a whispering gallery mode resonator using energy-resolving transition edge sensors

Published: April 28, 2015


Thomas Gerrits, Michael Fortsch, Martin J. Stevens, Dmitry Strekalov, Gerhard Schunk, Josef Furst, Ulrich Vogl, Florian Sedlmeir, Harald G. Schwefel, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt


We demonstrate a method to perform spectroscopy of near-infrared single photons without the need of dispersive elements. This method is based on a photon energy resolving transition edge sensor and is applied for the characterization of a widely wavelength tunable narrow-band single photons emitted from a crystalline whispering gallery mode resonator. We measured the emission wavelength of the generated signal and idler photons with a precision of up to 2 nm.
Citation: Applied Physics Letters
Volume: 17
Issue: 6
Pub Type: Journals


squeezing, transition edge sensor, single photon generation, whispering gallery mode resonator
Created April 28, 2015, Updated November 10, 2018