Near ground-state cooling of two-dimensional trapped-ion crystals with more than 100 ions

Published: February 07, 2019


Judith Elena Jordan, Kevin A. Gilmore, Athreya Shankar, Arghavan Safari-Naini, Justin G. Bohnet, Murray Holland, John J. Bollinger


We study, both experimentally and theoretically, electromagnetically induced transparency cooling of the axial drumhead modes of 2-dimensional arrays with up to N 190 Be+ ions stored in a Penning trap. Substantial sub-Doppler cooling is observed for all N drumhead modes. Quantitative measurements for the center-of-mass mode show near ground state cooling with motional quantum numbers of nbar = 0.3 +- 0.2 obtained within 200 μs. The measured cooling rate is faster than that predicted by single particle theory, in agreement with a quantum many-body calculation. For the lower frequency drumhead modes, quantitative temperature measurements are limited by apparent damping and frequency instabilities, but near ground state cooling of the full bandwidth is stronglysuggested.
Citation: Physical Review Letters
Pub Type: Journals

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EIT cooling, Penning traps, sub-Doppler cooling, trapped ions
Created February 07, 2019, Updated February 22, 2019