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Near-Field Second Harmonic Microscopy of Thin Ferroelectric Films



V Smolyaninova, H Y. Liang, C H. Lee, C C. Davis, L D. Rotter, Debra Kaiser


Near-field second harmonic microscopy is ideally suited for studies of local nonlinearity and poling of ferroelectric materials at the microscopic level. Its main advantages in comparison with other scanning probe techniques are the possibility of fast time-resolved measurements, and substantially smaller perturbation of the sample under investigation caused by the optical probe. We report second harmonic imaging of the surface of thin BaTiO3 films obtained in a near-field microscopy setup using a Ti: sapphire laser system consisting of an oscillator and a regenerative amplifier operating at 810 nm. Optical resolution on the order of 80 nm has been achieved.
Ferroelectric Thin Films


BaTi03, ferroelectric oxides, near-field second harmonic microscopy, NSOM, SHG, thin films


Smolyaninova, V. , Liang, H. , Lee, C. , Davis, C. , Rotter, L. and Kaiser, D. (2021), Near-Field Second Harmonic Microscopy of Thin Ferroelectric Films, Ferroelectric Thin Films (Accessed June 22, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021