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Nanoscale Structure-Property Characterization of a Nanopatterned Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanoporous Material



Gheorghe Stan, Richard S. Gates, Qichi Hu, Kevin Kjoller, Craig Prater, Alan Myers, Kanwal Singh, Ebony Mays, Sean W. King


The continued advancement of nanostructured materials and exploitation of nanoscale size effects will ultimately require understanding material structure-property relationships at the nanoscale. Despite a plethora of metrologies capable of characterizing the thermal, mechanical, electrical, and optical properties of materials at the nanoscale, combined nanoscale chemical structure-property characterization has only recently become possible with the development of atomic force microscope based infrared spectroscopy (ARM-IR) techniques. In this regard, we have combined AFM-IR chemical structure and contact resonance AFM (CR-AFM) mechanical property measurements in the investigation of 20 – 500 nm wide fin structures fabricated in a nanoporous organosilicate material. By combining these two techniques, we have been able to clearly observe nanoscale modifications in the chemical structure and mechanical properties of the nanoporous fins that correlate with one another, the feature size, and fabrication process. This demonstration should lead the way for nanoscale chemical structure-property characterization of other materials systems where such relationships are deemed essential.
Nature Materials


nanoscale, mechanical properties, chemical properties


Stan, G. , Gates, R. , Hu, Q. , Kjoller, K. , Prater, C. , Myers, A. , Singh, K. , Mays, E. and King, S. (2017), Nanoscale Structure-Property Characterization of a Nanopatterned Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanoporous Material, Nature Materials, [online], (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created April 12, 2017, Updated August 3, 2020