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Nanoscale Contacts Form the Bridge for Nano-Electrotechnical Businesses



Herbert S. Bennett


The purpose of this paper is to suggest a possible framework for nanoscale contacts that the stakeholders in nano-electrotechnologies may follow to establish international standards with the goal of accelerating innovation in nano-electrotechnologies. Nanoscale contacts are expected to be challenges for many applications of nano-electrotechnologies. After defining nanotechnology and nano-electrotechnologies in the context of this paper, summary of likely business models and product opportunities for nano-electrotechnologies are given. The next section presents some generic questions and challenges about nanoscale contacts. The following section discusses five illustrative examples of metrology tools that require improved standards for assessing the performance and reliability of nanoscale contacts. And finally, the concluding section contains a few recommendations for action.
NEMA ElectroIndustry Magazine


"Standards", "Measurements", "Nanoscale", "Electrical Contacts", and "Nano-Electrotechnologies"


Bennett, H. (2009), Nanoscale Contacts Form the Bridge for Nano-Electrotechnical Businesses, NEMA ElectroIndustry Magazine, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created August 3, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017