Nanoparticle Release from Polymer Nanocomposites Used for Potable Water Infrastructure and Food Packaging: Current Progress & Beyond


Andrew Whelton, T.V. Duncan , J.L. Koontz , Tinh Nguyen


Nanoparticle (NP) enhanced polymers have the potential to revolutionize food packaging and water pipe performance, though release from these materials has gone relatively unstudied. A literature review was conducted to identify potential NP release pathways from nanomposite materials into food and water. Results show little is known and this lack of knowledge prevents responsible commercialization of safe and innovative nano–enhanced products, development of predictive health risk models, and generation of science–based environmental, health, and safety focused regulation. Common limitations of past studies are that quantitative results were not described, NP detection methods were lacking, and metal ions were not differentiated from NPs. Science has not quantitatively determined if and under what conditions nanocomposites release NPs into food and water matrices. Future research needs are identified.
Proceedings Title: Nanotech2011
Conference Dates: June 13-16, 2011
Conference Location: Boston, MA
Conference Title: Nanotech Annual meeting
Pub Type: Conferences


nanoparticle, water, food, release, infrastructure
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