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Nanofriction: The Observation of Elastic Plowing



Z C. Ying, Stephen M. Hsu


Accurate friction measurement at nanoscale is critical in reliable device design. Literature papers have reported different friction values for the same materials pair when different instruments and tip sizes were used. We have conducted a series of experiments with the aim to delineate the effects of tip sizes and shapes on friction as a function of load and found that friction force values under elastic deformation regime for various tips can be unified when plotted against the tip cross-sectional area in the direction of sliding. This observation implies a volumetric dependence of friction that has not been reported before in the elastic regime.
Proceedings Title
Extended Abstract for International Triology Conference
Conference Dates
May 26, 2005
Conference Location
Kobe, 1
Conference Title
International Tribology Conference


contact area, diamond tip, elastic, fused silica, nanofriction, silicon


Ying, Z. and Hsu, S. (2017), Nanofriction: The Observation of Elastic Plowing, Extended Abstract for International Triology Conference, Kobe, 1 (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017