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Nanofibers for RF and Beyond



Thomas M. Wallis, Kichul Kim, Pavel Kabos, Dejan Filipovic


In order to realize new interconnect concepts based on nanofibers, reliable metrology is required. Given the clock-speeds of integrated circuits in the present as well as the foreseeable future, this metrology must be compatible with radio frequencies (RF). In addition it is also highly desirable to extract the electrical and material properties of individual nanofibers in order to engineer and optimize nanofiber-based applications. Here, we describe a complete measurement framework that establishes RF measurements and useful circuit models of nanofiber materials, as validated by full-wave and circuit-based simulations. Broadband measurements of Pt and GaN nanowire devices are shown as examples. We anticipate that this measurement framework will be applicable to a broad range of applications, including nanofiber-based RF interconnects, nanofiber-based transistors, as well as other as-yet-unrealized technologies that lie “beyond CMOS.”
IEEE Microwave Magazine


Microwave measurements, Nanotechnology, Nanowires, On-wafer devices, Calibration


Wallis, T. , Kim, K. , Kabos, P. and Filipovic, D. (2011), Nanofibers for RF and Beyond, IEEE Microwave Magazine, [online], (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created December 1, 2011, Updated January 27, 2020