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Nanofabrication of a Two-Dimensional Array Using Laser-Focused Atomic Deposition



R Gupta, Jabez J. McClelland, Zeina J. Kubarych, Robert Celotta


Fabrication of a two-dimensional array of nanometer-scale chromium features on a silicon substrate by laser-focused atomic deposition is described. Features 13plus or minus}1 nm high and having a full-width at half maximum of 80plus or minus}10 nm are fabricated in a square array with lattice constant 212.78 nm, determined by the laser wavelength. The array covers an area of approximately 100 mu m X 200 mu m. Issues associated with laser-focusing of atoms in a two-dimensional standing wave are discussed, and potential applications and improvements of the process are mentioned.
Applied Physics Letters


Atom Optics, Atomic Deposition, Nanofabrication, Physics


Gupta, R. , McClelland, J. , Kubarych, Z. and Celotta, R. (1995), Nanofabrication of a Two-Dimensional Array Using Laser-Focused Atomic Deposition, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed December 6, 2023)
Created September 3, 1995, Updated October 12, 2021