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MyData API Patterns: OAuth



Martin J. Burns, David A. Wollman


The My Data initiatives are part of the Administration’s efforts to empower Americans with secure access to their own personal data, and to increase citizens’ access to private-sector data-based applications and services. With its focus on personal data, the My Data initiatives complement the Administration’s broader set of Open Data initiatives, which are making government data and other resources more open and accessible to innovators and the public. Together, these initiatives are creating a more comprehensive data ecosystem in which citizens can receive services based on analysis of their own personal data in the context of greater information and understanding of overall trends. For example, in 2010, the Department of Veterans Affairs created Blue Button to give patients access to their own health records. The Blue Button ecosystem has grown to include many health providers and health plans, enabling more than 88 million Americans to have digital access to their own health records. Other efforts in the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Education and other Federal entities are helping citizens access their own information as fuel for more informed, effective decision making [1]. This paper discusses the Green Button Initiative and how it utilized OAuth 2.0 [18] to perform third party authorization and access.


"Green Button", "API", "Energy Usage Information", "OAuth"
Created December 9, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017