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Multiple Magnetic Structures of Correlated Ce-ions in Intermetallic CeAu2Ge2



Deepak Singh, A. Thamizhavel, Jeffrey W. Lynn, S. K. Dhar, T. Hermann


Neutron diffraction measurements on a high quality single crystal of CeAu2Ge2 reveal two new magnetic structures that coexist with commensurate long range antiferromagnetic order below the Neel temperature TN {approximately equal} 14 K. The new magnetic structures, which exhibit distinct temperature and field dependencies, are described by both commensurate and incommensurate magnetic structures and introduces a new region in the in the H-T phase diagram. These new experimental observations provide important information for developing a universal understanding of the magnetic properties of this class of Ce-based CeXd2^M2 (X=Cu, Ag, Au; M = Ge, Si) compounds, which are prototypes for exploring quantum phase transitions and their interplay with unconventional superconductivity.
Physical Review Letters


Strongly correlated electrons systems


, D. , Thamizhavel, A. , Lynn, J. , , S. and Hermann, T. (2012), Multiple Magnetic Structures of Correlated Ce-ions in Intermetallic CeAu<sub>2</sub>Ge<sub>2</sub>, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created August 13, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017