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Multiple Description Video Coding Over Multiple Path Routing Networks



Shaoshuai Gao, Hamid Gharavi


This paper presents a multiple description (MD) video-coding scheme, which uses interlaced high signal to noise ratio (H-SNR) and low signal to noise ratio (L-SNR) coded frames to produce two bit-streams. At the decoder, when both bit-streams are received a high quality video will be reconstructed. If either one is received, a poorer but acceptable quality video can be reconstructed. In this approach, we also considered the mismatch between the encoding and decoding loops due to motion compensation if only one bit-stream is received. We first give the results of the rate distortion performance of our scheme assuming that only one description is received. We then present simulation results under packet loss circumstances, which are simulated by real-world IP networks and ad-hoc networks. It is shown that the proposed scheme has a superior performance when compared with the single description MPEG-4 video coder and MD coding using video redundancy coding.
Proceedings of the IEEE


ad-hoc networks, multi-path routing, multiple description coding, video coding


Gao, S. and Gharavi, H. (2006), Multiple Description Video Coding Over Multiple Path Routing Networks, Proceedings of the IEEE (Accessed March 1, 2024)
Created August 29, 2006, Updated February 19, 2017